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Michelle's Family

Family from (SA)


I'm a single parent with a wonderful little 8 year old boy who I know would love to have a grandparent figure/s in his life.

We would dearly love to find a couple but welcome anyone who would love to share a little bit of time with us.

I do my best to provide the love and happiness for my son but there is so much missing.

I work in Aged Care. My son is in year 3 and doing very well.

He is a very inquisitive, intelligent young man who deserves so much more.

We have no family or support, I have no siblings so there are no aunties or uncles, no grandparent who has ever been supportive so life can feel very isolated most of the time.

We love walking our dogs, going for bike rides, going for picnics or to the beach.

I would love for someone to be able to be in our lives, to share, encourage my son, someone else to show him that he's loved and cared about. Someone to attend a school grandparent day would mean so much to him or teaching him to build something.

A positive male role model would be very welcome to help do man stuff.

My son loves to learn and he is so very wise for his age.

We would love to have someone share our life and yours with what suits to bring some love and happiness into each others lives.

Someone positive and caring but not to discipline. That is my job.

If you would be interested in meeting, we would dearly love to hear from you.

In addition, this Family:
  • Speaks: English
  • Has pets (2 dogs 1 kitten)
  • Sometimes smokes cigarettes
  • Has a car (and a driver's licence), does not use public transport.
  • Would prefer grandparents to complete or hold valid first aid certification and would agree to pay for any courses that may be required.

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