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Terry's Family

Family from (NSW)

My wife and I moved over from England in 2004 and have been very lucky to live in Sydney ever since. We are also very lucky to have a wonderful seven year old girl and 18 month year old twins a boy and a girl.

We like to keep our lives simple and are lucky enough to live in an area where the children can spend time outside either at the park or local beaches.

We are looking for a grandma or couple to help us enrich our lives and help look after our wonderful three children occasionally, in return, we hope your let us into your life allowing us to help you when needed even if its as simple as sharing a roast or BBQ on the weekend.

Were looking to find someone who will be made to feel like part of the family and over time trust built up, we see this as a two way relationship where we can help enrich someone else's life by sharing family time just as you would with normal grandparents. We would also expect to help you with lifts, assistance with shopping, help around the house....

In addition, this Family:
  • Speaks: English
  • Has pets (No)
  • Never smokes cigarettes
  • Has a car (and a driver's licence), uses public transport.

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