About us


Hi, I'm Cate, the founder of Find a Grandparent


When I was a child I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with my granny. We were very close. She was an extremely patient and loving woman who always encouraged my ideas. And the most important thing was that she was always there when I needed her.

Now I have 2 gorgeous children myself and sadly they don't have grandparents living nearby. Therefore I established this not-for-profit service for finding surrogate, volunteer grandparents for families like ours. Find a Grandparent launched in May 2012.

We were very lucky that our family was the first one to find a surrogate grandma. We meet Grandma Irene about once a week to go to the beach, on walks or play board games together. The kids enjoy getting so much attention and my husband and I feel that we can learn a lot from her experience. We love to now having a surrogate grandma to share our laughs and happy moments with.

I hope you enjoy our service and that you will be successful in finding a new addition to your family life very soon.

All the best from