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Do you live without the support of older relatives and would like to adopt a grandparent to share your laughs and happy moments? Find a Grandparent gives young families the chance to meet a surrogate grandparent.

The surrogate grandparents who you find on this site would like to meet with a family on a regular basis. They don't do any babysitting but want to establish a long lasting relationship with your whole family. This relationship is intended to be a two-way street that benefits all involved.

We currently have 25 surrogate grandparents that are active and visible on our website.
Our most recently activated surrogate grandparent members:
  • Gaby from Caulfield South
  • NanaV from Belgrave South
  • Nanna Jen from AUBIN GROVE
  • Nana Jan from Geelong
  • Ganny Esther from Caulfield
  • Sparkles from SULPHUR CREEK
  • Fossil from Wallan
  • Nanna Pauline from CARINA
  • Nanna Mary from Gladesville
  • Hopeful grandparents Kaveri&Ian from Chatswood

New experiences for your children

Children will have exciting new experiences with their new granny or pop. A surrogate grandparent can be a positive role model in a child's life.

Children will learn to appreciate the older generation and hear their stories and memories. Having a surrogate grandparent is special for kids, who otherwise live with very little opportunities to build relationships or interact with older people.

Surrogate grandparents will be happy to celebrate important milestones with the family. Imagine how nice it will be for your children when the surrogate grandparent comes along to school on Grandparents Day and when you can celebrate special occasions together.

Having a lot of life experience, the surrogate grandparent can have a calming influence on the family's life.

We have gone from 1 grandchild unseen, to actively involved with 8 grandchildren and number 9 expected in July.  So we now have a very full plate and grateful for every morsel of it. So for the time being we are content with our lot. Thank you so much for enabling us to enrich our lives so much. You are truly a blessing to many.

Grandparents from QLD

Why a surrogate grandparent?

Simply because you ...

  • would love to have a surrogate grandma or granddad who visits your family on a regular basis
  • would like to extend your family
  • feel that your children are missing out on a grandparent experience
  • need the wisdom of a mature person
  • want to share outings and milestones and build a close relationship with a local senior
  • value inter-generational relationships


We have developed a great relationship and it is all thanks to your site, which we all agree is a wonderful idea and so rewarding for all concerned.

Grandma from NSW

Membership fees for families

We currently offer a 6 months membership for A$ 40

For your safety

All surrogate grandparents registered with Find a Grandparent have already supplied a National Police Check.

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