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For Families

Do you live without the support of older relatives and would like to adopt a grandparent to share the laughs and happy moments with your family? Find a Grandparent gives young families the chance to meet a surrogate grandparent.

The surrogate grandparents who you find on this site are coming to you on a voluntary basis. They don‘t replace babysitters but come regularly and want to establish a close relationship with your family.

Children will have exciting new experiences with their new granny or pop. They will also have another person to turn to when they have problems and can’t talk to their parents. Having a surrogate grandparent may give parents the chance to take a break from the stressful everyday family life and the whole family will have someone to share happy moments with.

Interested parents can be anyone who

  • Would love to have a surrogate grandma or granddad who visits their family on a regular basis
  • Would like to extend their family
  • Need more time for themselves or one of their children
  • Are looking for new experiences for themselves and for their children
  • Need assistance with raising children
  • Want to benefit from the experience of a mature person

All surrogate grandparents registered with Find a Grandparent have already supplied a National Police Check. We recommend that families get to know the surrogate grandparent very well and obtain a first aid certificate from the grandparent at the family‘s cost before leaving the grandparent with their child/children.

Membership fees for families

6 months membership: A$ 40

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