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How do families benefit from this service?

Without grandparents children miss out on the invaluable benefits of a close relationship with seniors.Children might have exciting new experiences with a surrogate grandparent. They also have another mature person to turn to when they have problems and want to talk about important issues. It gives them another role model. Parents benefit by having a mature person in their life to turn to for advice and friendship.

What can families do to ensure their children are safe with the voluntary grandparent?

All surrogate grandparents that register on our site must provide a National Police Check. As Find a Grandparent only views a copy of this document we encourage families to view the original. Furthermore we strongly discourage families to leave their children alone with their surrogate grandparent.

What if a family is not registered with Paypal?

If you are not a member of Paypal there is no need to join Paypal as you can pay with your credit card. You will find this option on the Paypal page. If you don‘t have a credit card please contact us through our contact form by clicking here and we will email you our bank account details. You can then transfer the money. In this case you can still enter your profile and we will activate it once we have received the payment.

How can families acknowledge the voluntary grandparent?

The grandparents that register here come to their "adopted" family on a voluntary basis. They want a connection to a family and they like to spend time with them. The following list shows some possibilities how you can let the grandparent belong to your family:

  • Inviting the grandparent to the children‘s birthday parties
  • Thanking the grandparent
  • Encouraging the child/children to give the grandparent a call on their birthday
  • Encourage the child/children to paint a picture or do some craft for them on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas
Why is Find a Grandparent charging membership fees from families?

Although we are a not-for-profit organisation we need to cover our costs. As costs especially for insurance are very high we need to charge membership fees from families. Further major costs include the development and maintenance of the website.
We are not connected to a bigger organisation and don't receive any government support so the membership fees are our sole income and unfortunately don't cover our costs yet. Please note that we are all volunteers and don't receive any payment for our work.

Surrogate Grandparent

How do grandparents benefit from this service?

It is a voluntary role that might give their life new meaning and gives them the chance to make a positive contribution to a family‘s life. It can be very rewarding to spend time with young families.

Are first aid certificates required for surrogate grandparents?

First aid certification is not mandatory for any of our members. However, for peace of mind we encourage all our members to obtain one.

Are police checks required for surrogate grandparents?

Yes, all surrogate grandparents must provide Find a Grandparent with a copy of a National Police Check and photo ID, as well as our Surrogate Grandparents Declaration, before they can become an active member of our service.
They should register prior to obtaining the documents, but we will activate their account only once we have sighted those documents.

Are you accepting other types of checks or only National Police Checks?

Yes, we do. Please see our National Police Check page for other types of documents that are accepted.

What kind of activities could surrogate grandparents do with the families?

There are many possibilities, e.g. crafts, painting, going for a walk or to a playground, going for a swim, reading books, doing puzzles, visiting the aquarium or a museum that is interesting for children, playing ball sports and bike riding.

What if a surrogate grandparent doesn‘t have a printer?

If you don‘t have a printer to print the "Declaration for Surrogate Grandparents" please let us know through our contact form by clicking here. We will then send you the declaration via mail.


Why do you display advertisements on Find a Grandparent?

Find a Grandparent earns additional income when our visitors follow the links when viewing the advertisments. This additional income helps us with the cost to keep the service operating.


What is Find a Grandparent?

Our service connects seniors and families. There is no payment between families and surrogate grandparents involved. Families and surrogate grandparents spend time with each other regularly and develop a close relationship over time.
Surrogate grandparents are not babysitters. They don't do pick ups from school, driving the kids to activities or babysitting of any kind.

I have sent a message to another user but did not receive a reply. Why is this?

Our members are not obligated to answer messages if they don‘t wish to get in contact with the member who sent the message. However, Find a Grandparent strongly recommends to inform the other member, as an act of courtesy, if there is no interest in further contact.

A further possibility is that your message got caught in the other member's spam folder. Therefore we recommend that you contact us if you have not received a reply within one week. We will then investigate for you.

Why don’t you offer shorter membership durations?

Our experience shows that it often takes some time until a suitable family/grandparent, who you are comfortable with and who you would like to meet on a regular basis, is found.

Longer membership durations provide opportunities to get in contact with a number of families/grandparents.

I have met a family/grandparent but we didn't really connect. What do I do now?

There is no obligation for either side to continue seeing each other. If you think that there is no real connection and would like to stop the contact, then politely tell the other party. Equally, please respect the wish of the other party should they wish to stop meeting with you.

Why can’t I see my profile on the Find a Grandparent profile page?

Most often your profile will not show up on our profile page because we have not yet activated your profile. In this case we are either waiting for documents that a surrogate grandparent member needs to send to us or we are waiting for the payment from the family or we are dealing with an other issue related to your account.

Another possibility is that you have made use of the option to temporarily hide your profile. In this case you need to log in and "unhide" your profile by removing the tick in the corresponding box. Once you have done that and logged out again, you should be able to see your profile on the Profiles page.

Should I join Find a Grandparent if no surrogate grandparents or families have signed up in my area yet?

Potential surrogate grandparents and interested families are all in the same situation: They have a look at our homepage, see that there are currently no other members from their area and decide to come back later to check if families or surrogate grandparents from their area have signed up. Only if your profile is visible on the Find a Grandparent website can it attract the interest of a potential surrogate grandparent or interested family from your area.

What are you doing to promote your members?

During the sign-up process new members have the option to request flyers from us. These special flyers tell people that a family or surrogate grandparent from their area has joined Find a Grandparent and is looking for a match. The family or surrogate grandparent can then take the flyers to their local libraries or community centres to have them displayed there. This will attract more people from our new members’ area who can then be connected to a new addition to their lives much quicker.
All new members can also be announced on our Facebook page if they agree to this and a link to their profile will then be posted.
Our newsletter that we send out about once a month also shows how many new members have joined from each state.

What can I do to find a match quicker?

Members who want to take a pro-active approach have two further options to find a new addition to their lives quicker. Firstly, we can send flyers to our members for distribution in community centres, senior citizen centres or early childhood centres in their local area.
Secondly, we can get in contact with local newspapers and try to get them interested in writing a story about the member’s search for a match on the Find a Grandparent website.
We are always open for other suggestions from our members and love to get feedback. So if you have new ideas or suggestions, please let us know via email.

How can I contact another member?

To contact another member, please follow these steps:
1. log in to your account on the Find a Grandparent website
2. go to "view profiles"
3. click on the profile of the member who you want to contact
4. click on "send a message"
5. fill in the subject and write your message
6. click on "send message" and wait for the confirmation that your message was sent
Please note that surrogate grandparent members can only contact family members and the other way around.