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How do families benefit from this service?

Without grandparents children miss out on the invaluable benefits of a close relationship with seniors.Children might have exciting new experiences with a surrogate grandparent. They also have another mature person to turn to when they have problems and want to talk about important issues. It gives them another role model. Parents benefit by having a mature person in their life to turn to for advice and friendship.

What can families do to ensure their children are safe with the voluntary grandparent?

All surrogate grandparents that register on our site must provide a National Police Check. As Find a Grandparent only views a copy of this document we encourage families to view the original. Furthermore we strongly discourage families to leave their children alone with their surrogate grandparent.

What if a family is not registered with Paypal?

If you are not a member of Paypal there is no need to join Paypal as you can pay with your credit card. You will find this option on the Paypal page. If you don‘t have a credit card please contact us through our contact form by clicking here and we will email you our bank account details. You can then transfer the money. In this case you can still enter your profile and we will activate it once we have received the payment.

How can families acknowledge the voluntary grandparent?

The grandparents that register here come to their "adopted" family on a voluntary basis. They want a connection to a family and they like to spend time with them. The following list shows some possibilities how you can let the grandparent belong to your family:

  • Inviting the grandparent to the children‘s birthday parties
  • Thanking the grandparent
  • Encouraging the child/children to give the grandparent a call on their birthday
  • Encourage the child/children to paint a picture or do some craft for them on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas
Why is Find a Grandparent charging membership fees from families?

Although we are a not-for-profit organisation we need to cover our costs. As costs especially for insurance are very high we need to charge membership fees from families. Further major costs include the development and maintenance of the website.
We are not connected to a bigger organisation and don't receive any government support so the membership fees are our sole income and unfortunately don't cover our costs yet. Please note that we are all volunteers and don't receive any payment for our work.