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Find a Grandparent gives mature people the chance to connect with a young family and to be a surrogate grandparent for their children.

To be a grandparent is a joyful and fulfilling experience. But many seniors don‘t have grandchildren or live away from their families. Through our service those seniors can find a local family that they can meet on a regular basis.

Our surrogate grandparent members don't do any babysitting but want to establish a long lasting relationship with the whole family. This relationship is intended to be a two-way street that benefits all involved.

We currently have 26 families that are active and visible on our website.
Our most recently activated family members:
  • Tariro from New South Wales
  • Ria from Western Australia
  • Sydney Stacks from New South Wales
  • The McNellies from Queensland
  • Maxwell's Family from Victoria
  • NatRu2022 from South Australia
  • Happy-go-lucky from New South Wales
  • Nicole, Kailyn & Jaide from Victoria
  • Erin & Huddo from New South Wales
  • Elena & family from New South Wales

Add more meaning to your life

To be a surrogate grandparent is a very special role. It can add more meaning, enjoyment and also challenge to your life. Anyone over the age of 45 years who is fit and active, loves families and would enjoy giving them some of their time can register for free to become a surrogate grandparent. You will surely find a family that needs you, wants to love you and that will bring joy and fulfilment into your life.

Our first "surrogate grandfather" meeting turned out to be a success. Thanks Find a Grandparent!

Family from NSW

Why become a Surrogate Grandparent?

Simply because you…

  • would like to meet a family on a regular basis
  • miss the contact with children
  • have lots of love to give
  • would like to build a close relationship with a local family
  • would love to share stories, outings and play games
  • value inter-generational relationships

We have gone from 1 grandchild unseen, to actively involved with 8 grandchildren and number 9 expected in July.  So we now have a very full plate and grateful for every morsel of it. So for the time being we are content with our lot. Thank you so much for enabling us to enrich our lives so much. You are truly a blessing to many.

Grandparents from QLD

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