Rebecca's Family


We are a family of four based in Perth, mum (Bec), dad (Sam), Jax (8 year old girl) and Mac (almost 5 year old boy) and a border collie (Southy).

Originally Sam and I are from NZ so we don't have any family here in Australia with us. Sam and I both work but Sam now runs his own business so that he can manage his time better and spend more time with the kids, especially our son who really needs the additional time and attention.

The kids are very active, love sports as well as learning the piano and  rugby is a big sport in our household.  Jax is academically focussed and loves learning new things and will often have her nose stuck in a book.  Mac is more of an adventurer and likes to make things, break things and generally push the odd boundary..... he has an abundance of charm and loves wearing a bowtie!

We have really missed the annual trips from the NZ grandparents this year due to the covid restrictions.  Up until this year, we have been really lucky to have a few people that became part of the family over the past few years but as lives have changed and opportunities have arisen, this has changed a little.

We are really looking for someone who would love to spend time with the kids and help us expose them to different generations, perspectives, skills etc as well as having someone as part of the family that the kids can spend time with outside of us (and maybe another person's perspective might be listened to a little more than ours!).  It would also be great to have  someone local who might be able to help in an emergency (touch wood- not necessary as yet!).  We are active members of the Rotary Club of Karrinyup and usually host older students for part of the year but the program is on hold at the moment so it is just us at the moment