Julie’s family



We are an Irish family with three kids 15, 13 and 8 years old, based on the beautiful Mornington peninsula. 

We emigrated from Northern Ireland 8 years ago and although Australia is the best place to be, we miss our family dearly. I had a close bond with my grandparents who had a great impact on me whilst growing up and would love the same for my children. We would love to connect with someone who likes to come for Sunday dinners, drop in for a cups of tea and would like the kids to visit . Celebrating birthdays would also be special. 
We love animals, farms and the outdoor lifestyle. 
My son (8)  loves woodwork and keeping busy  and would connect with someone who has a passion with this sort of thing. 
The girls are easy going with a love of art and music. They all also like to bake and we know grandparents are the best teachers for that !  

Dog , chickens , budgies