Elyse (Moncrieff Family)


Hi there! 
My partner (Todd) and I are looking for a positive and loving Grandmother and Grandfather for our beautiful little girl Alayna (20 months old). With my parents living overseas I feel Alayna is missing out on special time with Grandparents and having those positive role models in her life. 
About us:

We live on the northside of Brisbane. Todd owns his own business as a guitar teacher and I’m a stay at home mum but starting my own makeup artist business. Todd also has a 7 year old daughter Luca that lives with her mother most of the time. We are very friendly, relaxed people and love going out exploring, shopping, bbq’s, finding new places to eat and spending time with friends. 
Alayna is an amazing little girl. So happy and bubbly and loves meeting new people. She’s also very smart, cheeky, energetic, confident/strong and fun to be around. She goes to kindy 4 days a week and is a favourite amongst all her carers.

We hope to find a lovely couple who will love Alayna as if she’s their own and will be happy to come to her birthday parties and be a part of the important events/milestones in her life, and weekend visits every so often. 

We look forward to meeting you! 
Thank you 

Moncrieff Family xx