Grandma Annie


Hi, I’m Annie; it would be a privilege to be YOUR nan, nana, gran, grandma or what is comfortable with your family traditions.

I live with my husband, our baby doll sheep and our bees. We love doing all sorts of things - outdoor and indoor things. We do craft things, cooking things, silly things, fun things, serious things and even blowing up and space things (ask my husband!). We especially love Christmas things! We’re pretty adventurous so there’s lots to find out about and share with us.

Over the years we have both had professional roles which took us overseas. We know how both exciting it is and how lonely it can be without any extended support or family networks. We know the disappointment and emptiness of a child who never has a grandparent at their school event, a grandparent to share time together, learn and share new things together. Being the odd one out is difficult for any child. 
We also know how lonely it is for a young parent having to struggle with new languages, new jobs, and an anxious or lonely child. Parents need their own childhood homes and parents to go to too, parents need just as much support, and love as their own children. We all need a safe space where we know some one has our backs. We had good times living in exciting places but we never ‘belonged’ and there was no ‘just going home’ for help and time out.

Both my husband and I grew up with extra aunties, uncles, nanas and pops. They are long gone but not their gifts and memories. They were there for us all the way, opened doors for us, helped make us who and what we are. What a privilege it is to be able to do the same for another family; we are here to walk the mile with you as a family, to share new family time, make shared memories and enjoy the simple moments of life together. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon 🥰

Babydoll sheep and bees