Tony and Adi


We are Tony and Adi.  I (Adi) love to spend time with babies, toddlers and children.  I love the way they are amazed about the smallest things in this world, I love their logic and how they develop as they age and experience the interaction with different people and doing different activities. I am a scientist still working full time (60yo) and teaching and learning about nature is what excites me, doing this with children is an incredible experience that brings a lot of energy and fun to my life. I would love to spend time with your children and teaching them about science, and spanish! I lived in many parts of the world, and have been in Australia for almost 20 years. My whole family is overseas but I am determined to build my own adopted family here and would love to get to know you.

I (Tony, 70yo) was born in Rangoon but my parents moved to Hong Kong shortly afterwards. I did some early schooling in Hong Kong and then boarding school and University in Melbourne. I was a pilot for 40 years spending time in the RAAF and various airlines.I love planes, obviously, but also I spend time sailing a small dinghy out of Williamstown. I do a bit of swimming to keep fit and I am hoping to get back to doing a bit of gymnastics work. I enjoy playing with children and find them fascinating.

We love gardening, cooking, hand crafts, walking in nature, the beach, quiet time with a good movie, etc Although we love animals we don't have pets in our unit, and Adi is a bit scared of big dogs but likes small ones and is fond of cats.

Tony and Adi

Spanish, Castilian