Granny Fiona


I work Monday to Friday, as on Administration Clerk. I like to walk after I have finished work, and pat as many dogs as I am able to, I miss my dog I had to give to friends when I left the regional area. 
When Im home I like to relax with reading or crocheting, maybe watch a little Netflix on my iPad. 
Weekends I spend looking around the area, cooking, visiting friends, church on Sunday.

I have a grown daughter, she is busy working no time for children as yet. I miss where I come from as I used to help friends with their children, I havent found many people with young children since I have moved to the city.
Depending on the age of the children, I would take them to parks to play, go riding on bikes, go to museums or other interesting exhibitions age appropriate, I LOVE kids movies, hiking, camping I love the beach, I very rarely swim as Im use to much warmer water, though I am a good swimmer.

I have a vehicle and love driving.