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Chris's Family

Family from (QLD)

Hi I'm a Mum of 2 gorgeous boys aged 11 and 6. I'm separated from their Dad, he lives 5 mins away and we all get along well. Hubby and I share equal contact with the boys.

Loads of pets - some of them I’ve rescued. I homeschool my eldest - he has autism. Both kids are well behaved, lovely manners and happy. I don't work because of my eldest, but am a qualified special needs teacher aide/disability carer. I love nurturing my boys and our pets.

I have no contact with either of my parents and all my grandparents are gone now.

I grew up with all my grandparents and they were my role models. I really miss being a daughter/granddaughter. Similarly for my kids, it breaks my heart them not having a bit of the grandparent magic I had growing up.

Our hobbies - gardening, cooking, pets, knitting, crocheting and other craft, Lego, reading, movies, eating out, board games, card games, long drives in the country, horse trail riding, bike riding and heaps more...everything my grandparents taught me, I pass on to my boys.

Looking for a special person or persons who can fill some big shoes in our family life and give us someone to look up to. In return, we would provide devoted companionship and share in the joy that brings families together.

Our dog is anxious and she comes most places with us. She loves the car and loves people. So sometimes we are limited in where we go, but we're good at finding dog-friendly places.

In addition, this Family:
  • Speaks: English
  • Has pets (Dog, 4 budgies, 1 parrot, 4 chooks, 7 fish, 4 guinea pigs)
  • Never smokes cigarettes
  • Has a car (and a driver's licence), does not use public transport.
  • Would prefer grandparents to complete or hold valid first aid certification and would agree to pay for any courses that may be required.

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