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kelly's Family

Family from (WA)

Hello, I'm a single mum sharing care for my two gorgeous daughters aged almost 7 and 9 years old. My girls have both of their grandfathers living in Perth hills they see occasionally and their father’s mum living in Melbourne who visits several times a year.

My mum passed away suddenly in July 2017. She was a big presence in my daughters lives, seeing them at least once a week from when they were born and they had a lovely bond. I can see them taking comfort for having someone they can identify with as a surrogate grandmother for this chapter in their lives.

The role of a grandparent is a a special one for kids, who otherwise live with very little opportunities to build relationships or interact with older people in their lives. I grew up knowing one of my grandmothers who lived with my family and was someone I cherished and loved as deeply (and perhaps even more fondly at times), as I did my parents! The role my grandmother played that I can see beneficial for my girls, is to connect with her through simple interactions, which we may take for granted - having someone to share their achievements with, to be pleased to watch their school assemblies, to invite for things like grandparents day activities at school, dance and piano recitals and to celebrate birthdays with. As their proud mum, I’m obviously biased - but to me, I truly believe my girls bring an abundant amount of joy I’d really love to be able to share with a surrogate grandmother. My girls are kind and generous, funny, clever and creative. The enjoy being with people doing the simplest of activities like baking, playing board games, walks to the park collecting leaves for making crafty things, pressing flowers, gardening, playing together and watching movies, learning the kind of skills which have become lost to their generation (things like cross stitching, planting herb gardens etc), learning from an enthusiastic and patient role model. I don't have any specific expectations and I'm open to working that out as part of the process of getting to know someone.

In addition, this Family:
  • Speaks: english
  • Has pets (No but we love animals )
  • Never smokes cigarettes
  • Has a car (and a driver's licence), does not use public transport.

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