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Tina's Family

Family from (VIC)


We, my husband Max (44yrs) and I (41yrs), are originally from Germany and moved to Australia in 2018. We are expecting our first child and its grandparents, aunts, and uncles etc. are all living in Germany. There will be a lot of contact via video calls but as it won't be the same as spending time in person, we thought of looking for surrogate grandparents.

We are expecting our first child at the end of May. We thought we could start to get to know each other early which would also give you the opportunity to come on the journey of the pregnancy and see your grandchild from a very early point.

As our mother tongue is German, our goal will be to bring our child up bilingual. From what we heard from others, this could lead the little one mixing languages when he starts talking, so please keep that in mind.

Even though Max works in the office, we both love the water and wouldn't be surprised if our child were born with fins and gills. When we are not wet, we like to go for long walks in national parks, do some gardening, have a coffee, watch musical theatre or just have dinner with friends as we love cooking and baking as well.

The only thing we ask for is, that you do not have cats or birds as pets as this could trigger an anaphylactic shock for me. All other pets are more than welcome.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



In addition, this Family:
  • Speaks: German, English
  • Has pets (No (but we love dogs))
  • Never smokes cigarettes
  • Has a car (and a driver's licence), uses public transport.
  • Would prefer grandparents to complete or hold valid first aid certification and would agree to pay for any courses that may be required.

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