We have gone from 1 grandchild unseen, to actively involved with 8 grandchildren and number 9 expected in July.  So we now have a very full plate and grateful for every morsel of it. So for the time being we are content with our lot. Thank you so much for enabling us to enrich our lives so much. You are truly a blessing to many.

Grandparents from QLD

I wanted to let you know that I have found the most
family who are now part of my life.

Grandma from WA

Our first "surrogate grandfather" meeting turned out to be a success. Thanks Find a Grandparent!

Family from NSW

Your site is a
idea to connect people and I hope there are a lot of other successful stories like ours.

Grandma from NSW

Thanks so much for all your help. I feel so lucky to have met a wonderful family and so far everything is going good.

Grandma from SA

We have developed a great relationship and it is all thanks to your site, which we all agree is a wonderful idea and so rewarding for all concerned.

Grandma from NSW

We have found the most
loving supportive
grandparents for our children, not to mention a very
'Mum and Dad'. We have opened our hearts to this
couple. Thank you so much for the service/opportunity you have given us.

Family from QLD

We have found a
grandparent for our kids via Find a Grandparent. The kids
spending time with their new grandparent!
It really has been a
meeting her and making her part of our family.

Family from WA

I must say I was impressed by your immediate contact with me.  I was a little worried about paying for a membership, wondering if it would be money lost, but it is looking good so far.

Family from SA